Buck Hoy — Artist of the Camera

Buck Hoy (1902-1980) was a Chinese-American photographer, who lived and worked in Chicago for most of his life. He succeeded at making both pictorial (artistic) pictures and studio portraits, simultaneously participating in amateur and professional circles alike. As a pictorialist he was active during the 1930s and 1940s, exhibiting in photographic salons and excelling at figure studies and nudes. As a professional photographer he worked for four decades, from the thirties through the 1960s, making various types of portrait photographs. Hoy was based in Chicago’s Chinatown, serving as a fixture in both that community and the city’s overall photographic scene.

This 100-page, softcover book features an essay about his life and work. It is illustrated with over 40 of his pictures, and is available for $35 postpaid.